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Product Designer,

Wonders constantly about when enough is enough, the weight of the soul and the pursuit of enlightenment.

This is the place where I sift through and share things that make sense to me with the rest of the people who know me.

Feel free to come back and check for updates or bookmark it as a page for inspirational images.



    Colors, intricate details of butterfly wings come alive in microscope photos
    Photographer Linden Gledhill sets the Internets aflutter with breathtaking photos of butterfly and moth wings, capturing all the tiny details — right down to a single grain of pollen resting on a wing.

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    Glass & Light Sculptures by Chris Wood

    Developed by NASA to protect against the harmful effects of direct sunlight, dichroic glass, with its striking visual qualities, has been used in a variety of industrial applications.

    (Source: chriswoodglass.co.uk)

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    Seen: Araki Nobuyoshi’s Kirishinat Rathole Gallery in Aoyama

    Back in 2011 I was asked by Marc Feustel of Eyecurious to provide some Japanese photobooks for an article entitled  Photobooks 2011: a view from Japan in it, I listed two books by Araki which dealt with his physical alteration of negatives and prints used to make the work, Shakyou-ronin Nikki (Wides), and Shamanatsu 2011 (Rathole). 

    In May of 2014 Taka Ishii Gallery exhibited a series of new work titled Love On The Left Eye (mini report here) Araki blackened out the right half of each slide film frame with a marker directly as a sort of darkly playful artistic response to going blind in his right eye. Kirishin continues his creative destruction and rebirth-through picture-halves, this time with a pair of scissors and cellophane tape. The technical explanation is easy- Two frames of slide film were held together and then sliced through. Each part of the frame was paired with its opposite and taped together to create two new pictures which were then scanned and enlarged for the exhibition. The press release from Rathole explains:

    Kirishin, when written in Japanese as 切真 is composed of the character kiru meaning “to cut” (also used in the Japanese word for “sentimental”- a key theme found in many of Araki’s works-) and the character meaning “the truth” (also used in the Japanese word shashin meaning photography). 

    Careful viewers will notice some subtle yet clever formal connections between the image halves but to simply view them as those kinds of exercises would be missing the bigger picture- but Araki’s pictures have never been just about direct content, either. From the press release:

    “Photography is just like life,” explains Araki, who gives birth to new discoveries and realities through a unique and unexpected synthesis of images in Kirishin. Not only is the title a clever play on words characteristic of the artist, but the photographs in the exhibition also express Araki’s playful sense of humor and his unrelenting thirst for life.

    Kirishin is up at Rathole Gallery from September 26 – November 2, 2014  / 12:00 - 20:00 / Closed Mondays

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    Toolkit for life Toolkit for Life is a set of books designed for The School of Life, in conjunction with publisher Pan Macmillan. The illustrations were created by Marcia Mihotich. Six guides for everyday living is the first set. The second set of books is an extension of the first volume. The books exam life issues from how to stay sane in volume 1 to how to be alone in volume 2. All books are beautifully illustrated and brightly colored with a friendly simplicity that makes you want to collect all books!” via The Dieline

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Tracks of the City, c1960s, Shin Yanagisawa


    Tracks of the City, c1960s, Shin Yanagisawa

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    I thought they put big stencils down and spray painted over them! This blows my mind!

    Me too.
    Holy shit.


    I’m so impressed… holy shit…


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